Tungsten Copper Used for EDM and ECM

tungsten copper EDM block


Due to excellent properties in arc erosion, fusion resistance, tungsten copper block is widely used as electrode materials in EDM and ECM.


Tungsten copper has good wear resistance, high MRR (Material Removal Rate) and precision, especially for tungsten carbide (WC) and other materials with high hardness machining.


Tungsten copper is widely used in EDM and ECM. EDM is a kind of process that ablate the metal by rapidly repetitional discharge. ECM including electrolytic machining, electric grinding, electrochemical polishing, electroplating and electroetching, etc.

Specifications (mm)

D1×100×100 D2×100×100 D3×100×100 D4×100×100 D5×100×100
D6×100×100 D7×100×100 D8×100×100 D9×100×100 D10×100×100
D12×100×100 D15×100×100 D16×100×100 D18×100×100 D20×100×100
D22×100×100 D25×100×100 D30×100×100 D35×100×100 D40×100×100
D45×100×100 D5×100×200 D6×100×200 D8×100×200 D10×100×200
D12×100×200 D15×100×200 D20×100×200 D25×100×200 D30×100×200
The standard length and width of tungsten copper block we are able to provide is less than 300mm, and the thickness is more than 0.1mm (±0.05mm), customized sizes and tolerances are also accepted.

More information about other grades or properties, please visit: Traditional Grade

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