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Applications of Tungsten Copper

1.Resistance welding electrode: it has both advantages of tungsten and copper, such as heat resistance, arc-ablation resistance, high density, excellent thermal and electric conductivity, low coefficient of expansion, easily to be cut and sweet cooling, etc.

2.Electrode of high voltage discharge: the temperature of contact material will increase to thousands degrees Celsius in a very short time. Therefore, tungsten copper has good resistance of heat and resistance of erosion, which can perfectly provide discharge tube with steady conditions.

3. Aeronautics and Astronautics high-performance material: tungsten copper belongs to sweating material, which can be widely used in missle, nozzle, throat insert, gas vane or some covers and balancing weights.

4. Vacuum contacts: The temperature of contact material will climb thousands degree in a very short time so that it required mechanical properties and thermal shock resistance.

After supression, high-temperature sintering and infiltration, tungsten copper can be used in electronic packaging, which not only has low coefficient of expansion, but also has excellent thermal conductivity.

Tungsten Copper Block Properties

Tungsten copper Block is kind of composite material that mixed with high purity tungsten powder and copper powder and through isostatic pressing, high temperature sintering and copper infiltration. It has many advantages, such as high hardness, high density, high strength, good thermal and electric conductivity, low coefficient of expansion and so on.

Tungsten copper (WCU7-WCu50) can be widely used in heavy load sliding friction and high rotating speed seals. Except some high-end fields, tungsten copper can be suitable for communication equipments, office equipments and some sports equipments.


1. Mill machining, lathe machining and grind machining tungsten copper block have different appearances. Generally, after fine grinding by coreless grind machining, tungsten copper block is black (like steel), and it become red after semi-finished or rough machining.

2. Tungsten copper can be easily to be molding, milling machine, lathe, grinding machine and wire EDM , due to impact or excessive force and lack of processing load occurs when making sharp wave wall. In order to avoid processing lacking, we should focus on the load force of drilling. And tungsten copper is non-magnetic so that we have to make sure that the products have been firmly fixed before machining.

3. It should be noticed that adjust the parameters when tungsten copper discharging or wire cutting, and the speed is lower than other materials. To avoid contacting with strong acid and alkali before electroplating, which will cause the metal grain shedding.