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Tungsten Copper W90 Block

Tungsten copper W90 block is composed of 90% W and 10% Cu, its density is up to 16.75g/cm3, hardness reaches more than HB260, the bending strength is 1160MPa, the conductivity is 27%IACS and the softening temperature is more than 900℃.

Owing to W takes up the most of parts, tungsten copper W90 block is hard, but its toughness and ductility is not so good so that it is not suitable for bending and drawing with large angle. Resent years, electronic devices develops in the direction of high-power and large scale so that the requirements of electronic packaging material increase. Tungsten copper not only has good conductivity, but also has similar coefficient of expansion with silicon (Si), gallium arsenide (GaAs) and ceramics. What's more, we can adjust properties through tungsten and copper contents controlling. Therefore, tungsten copper composite material has become the ideal material for electronic packaging. Since 1990s, tungsten copper has been used as new material for electronic packaging and heat sink. At present, we can see tungsten copper everywhere, such as CPU of computer, large scale intergrated circuit, high-power microwave devices and some radiators.

In addition, tungsten copper block can be also used in heavy load sliding fricton and high rotating speed seals, some instruments, which required no magnetic, low coefficient of expansion, high modulus of elasticity and shielding. Except some high-end fields, tungsten copper can be suitable forcommunication equipments, office equipments and some sports equipments.

tungsten copper W90 block

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