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Tungsten Copper W60 Block

Tungsten copper W60 block is composed of 60% W and 40% Cu, which not only has high density (12.75g/cm3), high hardness (≥HB140), high strength, but also has good conductivity (47%IACS), softening temperature is ≥900℃. Due to its good conductivity and heat resistance, tungsten copper W60 rod can be widely used in aeronautics, astronautics, electronics, metallurgy, machinery and so on.

When tungsten copper W60 block used as the electrode of high voltage discharge, the temperature of contact material will increase to thousands degrees Celsius in a very short time. Therefore, tungsten copper has good resistance of heat and resistance of erosion, which can perfectly provide discharge tube with steady conditions.

Mill machining, lathe machining and grind machining tungsten copper rods have different appearances. Generally, after fine grinding by coreless grind machining, tungsten copper rods is black (like steel), and it become red after semi-finished or rough machining. And the block and the plate are often fabricated by miller and grinder.

tungsten copper W60 block

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