Tungsten Copper Block

Tungsten copper block has excellent metallic properties of high purity tungsten powder and good plasticity and electrical conductivity of high purity copper powder, and it is a kind of composite material that by means of isostatic compaction, high temperature sintering and copper infiltration process. It has many advantages, such as lower coefficient of thermal expansion, high hardness, high density and high strength, etc. Tungsten copper can be widely used in electrical field (electrical contact, electrical machining), instantaneous high temperature material and military armor piercing materials. When it used for electrode, it has lower wastage and high MRR (Material Removal Rate), which remarkably improves the efficiency and precision; When it used for some instantaneous high temperature material, it can take advantage of copper evaporating and take away the heat to guarantee the machining constantly; When it used in military field, such as missle, armor-piercing bullet, tungsten copper can remarkably improve the power.