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Tungsten Copper W70 Block

Tungsten copper W70 block is composed of 70% W and 30% Cu so that it is harder than W50 and W60 rods. Its density is up to 12.75g/cm3, hardness reaches more than HB140, and conductivity is 47%IACS, softening temperature is ≥900℃ and the bending strength is 790. In addition, tungsten copper W70 block belongs to refractory metals and has excellent mechanical strength and anti-arc ablation capability so that it can be used for vacuum contacts, transformer switch and some electrical forging industries.

Tungsten copper material can be easily to be molding, milling machine, lathe, grinding machine and wire EDM can be used, tungsten copper may be due to impact or excessive force and lack of processing load occurs when making sharp wave wall. In order to avoid processing lacking, we should focus on the load force of drilling. And tungsten copper is non-magnetic so that we have to make sure that the products have been firmly fixed before machining.

tungsten copper W70 block

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