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Tungsten Copper Golf Weight Attachment

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Tungsten copper block has high physical and mechanical properties, as well as high thermal and electrical conductivity, these properties make our materials very suitable for the die inserts and electrocal facing.On the other hand tungsten copper block is also usually used as golf weight attachment in industry.

The typical properties:

Material> Composition
(%by weight)
Density (g/cm³) Electrical Conductivity  (% IACS) Hardness (Rockwell ) RWMA
CuW55 55W:45Cu 12.3 49 76 HRB 10
CuW60 60W:40Cu 12.75 47 82HRB  
CuW65 65W:35Cu 13.3 44 88HRB  
CuW70 70W:30Cu 13.8 42 94HRB 11
CuW75 75W:25Cu 14.5 38 98HRB 12
CuW80 80W:20Cu 15.15 34 109HRB  

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